#CogentBooks - The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Crime thrillers, as a genre will always be moneymakers for publishers. As long as publishing as an industry will flourish and thrive, crime thrillers shall remain the flywheel that will keep the engine running.

In the recent years; two books have received maximum mileage and recognition from the crime thriller category. Coincidentally, they're both written by lady authors, they're both good stories and both the stories were loved by the readers so much, that Hollywood couldn't keep their hands from those books and have now been converted into movies. These two books are Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.

The Girl on the Train is Paula's debut; but if you don't know that as a reader; it would be almost impossible for you to say that the author hasn't been published earlier. It's a complex story, with some very well etched characters and a suspense that will keep you guessing till the end. No wonder the book has become so popular that it has been translated in many foreign languages.

The story begins and (primarily) revolves around Rachel. Rachel is an alcoholic who has lost a grip of her life. She takes an early morning train to go to London, from the suburbs and back home; in the evening. During this journey, at a small patch Rachel observes a couple (Megan and Scott) who live in a house near the railway tracks.

What might seem vague to the reader has become a comfort zone for Rachel. The reader also soon realizes that one of the reasons for Rachel to be inclined towards observing this couple and house is because she once lived just a few houses away, on the same street.

This attachment that Rachel feels towards the couple that she has been observing through the train gets a little overboard when, Rachel ends up witnessing something that can be safely described as invading someone's privacy. Things go absolutely out of control on the evening when Rachel drinks so much, that she can't remember anything the next day. To make things worse, news breaks out in all media sources confirming that Megan has gone missing. All what Rachel remembers is that she was very close to Megan's home the last evening, and maybe she saw something; but she can't remember what.

Other primary characters in the book are Tom (Rachel's ex-husband), Anna (Tom's current wife), Megan and Scott (the couple that Rachel observes), Rachel's roommate, a few cops and a therapist. Among these characters revolves answers to questions regarding Megan's disappearance and a web of events that connect and bind Rachel to the said characters.

The Girl on the Train gains advantage over other books due to it's unique story line, interesting narration and the unassuming suspense that keeps the reader hooked (and guessing).

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