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One of the most difficult decisions when buying a phone is how to choose among a plethora of options. There are so many brands, so many devices, so many variants. If that isn't enough; every brand tries to one up their product by purposely adding jargon that either is of least (or in some cases; no) value addition, or add features that end up bloating the OS so bad; that the functionality of the device is severely compromised.

Among this chaos, I came across a device which is a rather underplayed in this overpopulated market. Asus makes Android devices which are of really good quality, their specifications are always competitive; if not better; and their pricing is (almost) always better than the rest. Plus, their latest offering Asus Zenfone Max 32GB is a winner on all grounds. Watch the commercial below to know more:

Asus Zenfone Max 32 GB is a winner on the following grounds:

Battery: The biggest advantage of this phone which no competing phone can match up to is the massive 5000 mAh battery. This is going to be one device that will never make you uncomfortable about running out of battery even with heavy multimedia, voice and data use. Plus with reverse charging capabilities, you can use the device as a power bank to charge your second phone. Isn't it a great feeling to not carry one more device, every time you step out of the door?

OS: Asus Zenfone Max comes packed with Android Marshmallow. So, no hassles of OTA upgrades, and no disappointments of device OS crash; post updates.  

The Asus Zenfone Max 16GB variant comes with Android L, which; in my opinion is a deal-breaker, especially considering the difference in price between 16GB & 32GB variant is just Rs. 1,000.

Storage: Although there are two storage variants (16 & 32GB), I strongly recommend the user to buy the 32 GB variant of Asus Zenfone Max. Leaves you with more space to store those images, videos and apps. If you need, you can always push in memory card up to the capacity of 64 GB. Not to forget the upgrade in OS, as mentioned above.

Price: The device is priced really well, for the features that the user gets. But, more about that in just a few minutes.

The regulars features:

The screen (HD IPS display with 720*1280p), the processor (Adreno 306 GPU along with 1.5 GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor), the 2GB RAM, dual SIM (4G LTE+2G), cameras (13 MP rear, and 5MP front; good for well lit environments; moderate for low lit zones), form factor are areas where Asus Zenfone Max are really good for the price at which the device is priced.

If you compare screen/ camera/ form factor of the device with competing phones, I can assure you; you'd end up losing on the grounds of battery, OS, and maybe on storage. In the long run, aren't features like bad battery life, device overheating/ hang post OTA update and low storage the most common reasons for users to change their phones, anyway?

The (only) negative of Asus Zenfone Max 32GB:

The only thing that would have made this phone the holy grail in the 5.5" range of phones out there would be higher RAM capacity. Not that 2GB is bad, but; it's just that a small percentage of phone gamers might find this as a reason to complain. But then, Asus isn't promoting this as a hardcore gaming device, anyway.

A regular user who uses their phones for voice, data, messaging, social media, and light gaming use (90% of the market), would find 2GB RAM comfortably sufficient for their usage.

There is an option to buy Asus Zenfone Max 32GB with 3GB RAM. But, that variant is Rs. 3,000 expensive. At that price range, there could be more options for consumers to consider (and get confused with).

Everything about this phone is either great, or very good. As I mentioned earlier, I'd recommend Asus Zenfone Max 32GB which sells at Rs. 9,999. For a 5.5" device with 720*1280p screen, 2GB RAM, Octa core processor, Android M out of the box, 32 GB on board memory and 5000 mAh battery backup, this phone is a very good buying decision for someone looking for a great value for money, very good specifications and a device with good longevity.

Disclaimer 01: I'm not a big fan of Android OS. I don't use an Android device myself. That, however doesn't affect this post. All points stated above are unbiased.

Disclaimer 02: This is NOT a paid post. I've written about Asus Zenfone Max because I genuinely think it's a very good device for the given price point, specifications and features provided.

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