#CogentBooks - Harappa: The Curse of the Blood River by Vineet Bajpai


The Indian publishing industry is facing a problem. This problem is affecting the reading/ spending habits of the consumer. The problem that I'm trying to talk about, is that of Indian authors. Every publishing house seems to be creating an arsenal of books written by Indian authors, hoping to find the next Ashwin Sanghi, Amish, or maybe even the next Chetan Bhagat

In this complicated web of plethora of Indian authors finding a publishing house who agrees to convert a manuscript to a paperback, there is a Vineet Bajpai, who has written an Indian mythological based thriller, that would make you keep flipping pages, and asking for more, when you're done reading Harappa: The Curse of the Blood River.

Harappa is the first instalment of the series and it talks about Vidyut. Vidyut is a smart, independent, well established entrepreneur based in Delhi, but he is hiding something from the world. He knows that he comes from a family of people who are born for a higher purpose, but he hasn't exactly been told what the purpose is.

Vidyut's life in Delhi is his work, his girlfriend Damini, and his close friend, Bala. A random unexpected phone call summons Vidyut to Banaras. Without divulging into to many details about the plot/ story, it's in Banaras where Vidyut learns the secret of Harappa, how is his life connected to the ancient city, and he gets a faint idea about the purpose of his life. 

However, that's just a small aspect of the book. The story is essentially divided into three sections. The Harappa sub-plot that retraces the story from the times of 1700 BC, a mysterious sub plot that's simmering in Paris, and the obvious Vidyut in Delhi-Banaras plot.

The biggest strength of this book (and Vineet) is the way the story has been presented to the reader. Small chapters ensure that the pace of the book is rapid and keeps the reader engrossed, at all times. Plus, there is a healthy dose of drama in form of a romantic sub plot, deceit in the times of 1700 BC, a traitor in Vidyut's team, an assassin who if following orders from a powerful clandestine force, and a lot more.

Another plus, are the well etched out characters who manage to keep the reader intrigued, on the edge and do a fine job of taking the story ahead, at all times. 

Give this book without the cover and the name of the author to a reader who likes reading thrillers, and I can bet, they would never guess, that this is the work of a debut author. Harappa is the first work of fiction by Vineet Bajaj. His earlier non-fiction books (The 30 Something CEO, Build from Scratch, The Street to the Highway, Aasmaan se Aage (in Hindi)) deal with the subject of entrepreneurship and business.

This book, is just a preparation ground to get the reader invested in the world of Harappa and Vidyut. There are many unanswered questions, that should be answered in the later instalments of the story. I'm not sure if Vineet is going to be the next Sanghi, Bhagat or Amish, but I'm sure he isn't like most other Indian authors who are just milking the opportunity and getting published, because publishing houses are actively fishing.

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